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Hollywood, the Oscars, the Hollywood Walk of Fame are now all o­ne word. The origin of the film, which has developed today into o­ne of the largest industries in the world, is an interesting story that we want to tell you with this site.

Film legends like Clark Gable, who created a great name in world-famous movie epic “Gone with the Wind ” or Marilyn Monroe, who already sang John F. Kennedy a birthday song, have shaped the history of film and their films are still shown worldwide in the broadcast television stations.

Today, the film industry uses impressive technical features, which attract millions of moviegoers each day. The awarding of the Oscars each year is an absolute highlight and is broadcast worldwide. There are not just the movies, but the hottest actors in the public focus. Who wears what dress? Who come in whose company? These issues concern not o­nly the fans but also the many TV – channels that broadcast the event live.

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